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At Fitzwilliam we have a strong expertise in providing advice and transactional services to overseas lenders when lending in Spain.

It is fairly commonplace for international lenders to choose English law as the governing legislation in facility agreements. However, when debt repayment is secured by assets or chattels deemed located in Spain significant input and local knowledge from Spanish lawyers is required, especially when dealing with the security package.

At Fitzwilliam we have broad experience in providing lenders with a full-service lending and securing advice. We design and implement the security strategy, drafting the whole suite of documents – facility agreements and security documents among others – to ensure the repayment of the debt and eventual enforceability of the security package in the smoothest way possible.

We advise our clients on all sort of security pursuant to Spanish law such as:

  • Mortgages;
  • Fixed Charges;
  • Certificated Shares;
  • Floating Charges (if applicable only);
  • Security granted over future claims and receivables

Full Security Package is our most demanded service.