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The Spanish real estate property market is an attractive investment proposal, but it’s not without its challenges and complications, which is why choosing the right legal adviser becomes critical.

As real estate transactions grow in complexity and clients increasingly require cross-border advice, our international real estate practice provides the knowledge and skills needed to deliver multi-jurisdictional support to clients.

At Fitzwilliam, we guide our clients through every situation regarding residential or commercial real estate properties, whether it would be an acquisition, disposal, development or property dispute. We work in close collaboration with our clients to ensure transactions proceed as in the most expeditious and advantageous way possible.

We are quite aware in advance about the risks that our clients may face when dealing with property investment in Spain and we anticipate these by the provision of precise legal solutions to prevent or, where appropriate, mitigate those risks. Of course, this critically includes undertaking a proper “due diligence” covering the client’s interests.

We offer our clients all-inclusive conveyance legal advice comprising among other the following services:

  • Designing legal and tax structures for the purchase
  • Advising throughout the sale and purchase process, drafting and negotiating the relevant contracts
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Planning and environmental issues
  • Financing