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Elisa Negro Martínez

Spanish Abogado


  • Law Degree (E-3), Comillas Pontifical University, Madrid
  • Business Administration and Finance Degree (E-3), Comillas Pontifical University, Madrid
  • Masters Degree in Business Consulting, ICADE Business School, Madrid
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Level II Passed
  • Inside New York: Business, Banking and International Relations Program, Fordham University, New York

Elisa is a sharp and driven Qualified Spanish Lawyer (Abogado) and Economist.

Elisa started her professional career at Garrigues. Afterwards she joined the international financial consulting company Management Solutions. Elisa has broad experience in providing legal and financial advice, having developed her career internationally, namely in Madrid, Santiago de Chile, Mexico City and London.

She focuses her practise primarily on Tax Law and Businesses Financial Reorganisation. 

Elisa advises a range of financial services clients based both in the UK and offshore on UK and EU issues, with a focus on the private wealth sector. She also advises clients on issues relating the structuring and promotion of investment products in Spain. Elisa is increasingly involved in advising family offices on legal issues surrounding investment opportunities and on establishing and running Spain offices.

Elisa provides expert advice on all aspects of personal and corporate tax. She has broad experience of all the taxes that might be relevant: income tax, corporation tax, value added tax, inheritance tax and corporation tax. Due to the fact that tax touches upon everything, Elisa works with all of our clients at one time or another, helping across a huge range of different issues.   She is a member of the Madrid Bar Association, Málaga Economist Association and Union Internationale des Avocats. Further, she is a proud alumna of Comillas Pontifical University (ICADE) [1].

[1] Comillas Pontifical University (ICADE) has been recognized by The Financial Times as one of the top Universities in the world in 2015.